Video: Transatlantic Slave Trade

Slave Trade

Video: Transatlantic Slave Trade

The Slave Trade and Triangular trade around the Atlantic is a highly emotive topic to teach. Even today there is controversy about the role of different countries in the trade and calls for compensation. Aside from the fact that Slavery is hard to comprehend in itself, pupils often find it very difficult to understand how and why slaves were treated so harshly. This video starter resource aims to introduce some aspects of treatment of the slaves. It uses contemporary source material alongside music chosen to set a tone.

The video zooms in and out of pictorial sources to highlight key features of the paintings. Students can quickly see the mood of the people portrayed in the image, the happiness, joviality, pain, confusion of suffering. The distinction between the ships captain and the slaves is clear. The routes of triangular trade are indicated with the map tracing the route of the ships. This mirrors images that are often seen in textbooks but the movement adds the sense of reality.

With images including Slave sales, punishments and types of work the video, though short, covers a wide range of issues that appear in any study of Slavery. As such the resource can be used as stimulus or revision material.

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