Video: The Wall Street Crash

Video: The Wall Street Crash

The Wall Street Crash saw the value of stocks an shares suddenly plummet. The consequences were huge for the economy of the United States and the world. After a decade of prosperity in many areas of American Industry, speculation had become rife. Even ordinary, everyday people were investing in schemes that would get them rich quick, or utilising hire purchase to buy into the consumer goods rolling off the production lines.

Of course much of the economic boom was built on unrealistic beliefs about the future of these industries. Stock prices rose well above their actual value. The realisation of this saw a sudden and huge depreciation in the value of shares in many companies. As the shares dropped, there was panic selling, runs on banks to get money and eventually an economic collapse on a huge scale.

This video resource provides an overview of the causes, course and consequences of the Wall Street Crash. It was initially designed as a revision tool for GCSE History students. It has other classroom uses though:

  • Provide pupils with sequencing cards. Use the video to provide them with the content to sequence events into the correct order.
  • Use the video alongside a Bingo game. It builds on understanding of key words.
  • What’s missing? Ask pupils to identify areas that are not covered in the video; to add depth to statements and to be critical of it’s interpretation of the Crash.


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