Video: Dissolution of the Monasteries

Video - Six Wives of Henry VIII

Video: Dissolution of the Monasteries

The reasons for the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the consequences of this are complicated. Henry VIII had a number of reasons for his decision. Some political, some financially pragmatic, some driven by the desire to really reform the church and some based on crushing opposition to other related policies.

These are difficult for pupils to learn and understand. This video activity uses source materials and ‘The Magnificent Seven’ to break the issues down into understandable chunks.

Originally the video was used as a timing device. The sources provided within the video were used alongside a note-making exercise. This provided focus and pace to learning about the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

This video is only intended to be used as a starter activity but has also been used for revision purposes on occasion. It was designed to fit into a series of lessons based around the Dissolution of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. The main ‘hook’ of this unit of work was Ian Dawon’s Dissolution of the Monasteries active learning exercise which is available via

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