Video: Six Wives of Henry VIII

Video - Six Wives of Henry VIII

Video – Six Wives of Henry VIII

This video about the six wives of Henry VIII is intended for use as a starter activity in history lessons. The resource covers the chronological sequence of Henry’s six marriages. Ideal for key stage 3 pupils, and maybe key stage 2, it quickly introduces the names of the wives, key dates and the outcome of the marriage.

Henry VIII famously had six wives. His divorce from Catherine of Aragon was a spark for the Church in England breaking from the Church in Rome. This became a starting point for the development of the Church of England as we know it today. His relationships are famous, not least of which was his marriage to Anne Boleyn who was found guilty of adultery and executed.

Pupils watching this starter activity can be asked to complete a number of tasks. For example:

They could complete a bingo card exercise to introduce or reinforce knowledge of key words
They could be asked to make predictions about a number of things; how would the events of Henry’s personal life impact upon, for example, England’s relationship with Spain, the Church etc
The video could be used as a prompt to expand knowledge, acting simply as stimulus material

The video is hosted on youtube and has background music embedded. The choice of song is a loose hook to the subject matter but has no particular relevance to the activities that could accompany the activity.

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