Christianity: St. Columba Presentation

This eye-catching and informative lesson presentation on St. Columba helps pupils to rediscover the spiritual dimension of his life. It encourages them to explore and reflect on their personal faith or values and to put these into action in ways which benefit others, as St. Columba did. Choosing to learn about St. Columba also helps pupils deepen their understanding of how religion and values can shape and contribute to the lives of individuals and communities.

When to use St. Columba Presentation

St. Columba Presentation can be used alone or in conjunction with ‘St. Columba: Life and Times’, a free resource which can be found here. After this presentation has been shown and discussed, you may want to spend one more period on a range of engaging activities to reinforce students’ learning which can be found here and here.


✶ Cover
✶ Teacher Notes (including learning objectives, ways of differentiating and detailed instructions on how and when to use this presentation)
✶ PowerPoint Presentation (fully editable and with animation)
✶ TOU/Credits

Page Count: 39

You can find the resource here.

St Columba Presentation Preview
St Columba Presentation

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