“Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant.” ~ Steven Anderson

Teachers’ are hard pressed for time. This site aims to curate resources that are proven to work in the classroom. This will reduce workload and let teachers spend more time on the things that really matter: the pupils. Resources on the site are a combination of free and paid resources. They are all created or submitted by qualified teachers.

Teachers Resources

Do you have a resource on your website that could help colleagues elsewhere? Maybe you have activities, worksheets or presentations available on TES or TpT? Either way, we are happy to help you share them.

Each resource added to the site will have a clear curriculum objective. This ensures that materials can be quickly identified to suit the needs of learners and teachers. Each resource description will:

be clearly linked to a curriculum
be age defined
identify the subject area
identify the topic being covered
include a short description of the resource
include a brief narrative based on the lesson content


A selection of standalone worksheets will appear on this website. These will be “off the shelf” resources that can help to form the main part of a lesson.


A good presentation can really kickstart a lesson. Here we will link to presentations that are posing questions, forming the structure of the lesson and providing the pace needed for outstanding learning.


There are many ways of introducing lessons. On Teachers’ Resources we expect to see a wide range of activity styles being shared with teaching colleagues.


Exam revision is hard work. So is preparing the revision guides. Luckily many colleagues have such materials that can be adapted for your particular needs. At the business end of an exam course, saving your time for interventions is more effective than making booklets!